Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We're On Spring Break. You?

I’m at the library, the big main one. “Best in the Country!” say all the banners, and I’m not well traveled, but am inclined to agree. I’m drinking a funky green tea (Pineapple Ginger. I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity to order that.) You can sit in the library, get internet access, drink tea. You can do all that here. And you're on spring break. So, all around, you're happy. If you're me.

I’m sitting in the library because Eldest is at rehearsal. "Rehearsal?" you ask. "For what?" You are asking good questions.

First, Eldest was Smee in his school play. Smee is Captain Hook’s sidekick in a play that is called Peter Pan but should, I think, be called Smee. Or, even better: Smee! He was very good. He had a flair, a certain Je-ne-sais-really-fun-to-watch.

He was encouraged by he whole thing, and auditioned for a play at Columbus Children’s Theater called The Ensemble Member and the Baker! Actually, it’s Aladdin. He’s in the ensemble. And he plays the baker. I think Aladdin steals bread from him. Jerk. Diamond in the rough my butt. Still, you should maybe go see it. (Scroll down to Alladin)

Eldest just got back from London last night. Bumma and Grandpa took him, as a birthday present for life, and they had a great time. Watch here for pictures and stories.

While he was there, the rest of us spent a few days in and around Cincinnati, and Daughter fell in love with the sharks she could pet at the Newport Aquarium, and the birds she could feed. It’s a cool place – recommended.

Daughter, too, has been busy.

And, quite some time ago, Youngest turned five, and celebrated by getting sweaty with his friends, climbing on inflatable fun machines.

So that does a bit to get ‘chall caught up on our doings.

And how are you?