Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Drops of Jupiter"


The last week of school was Eldest's talent show. Eldest performed twice.

The video camera I had was unreliable, and my attempts to film his first act failed. And I had to get back to work. Fortunately, I work at the same school.

So I was able to run back to the theater after an event in the Upper School just as Alex was taking the stage to sing. And this time, the camera worked! I got the whole song on video. Hooray!

A week or so later, we babysat for our niece and nephew. And the niece was being sooooo cute with our dog! You should have seen her. Oh wait! You can! I grabbed the video camera. Quick! It's a baby and a dog! This could end any minute. No time to check the tape! Of course it is cued up and ready!

I filmed it! I got it!

And I filmed right over Eldest's song.

So, the video here is every single frame that remains of Eldest singing "Drops of Jupiter" in the talent show, and some of the video I made while destroying the record of that particular memory (with some extra video from later in the day, too.)

Four minutes and thirty-seven seconds. Would contain outstanding vocal performance, but doesn't. Does contain dangerously infectious pop music, gratuitous cuteness (baby, toddler, youngster, tween, and dog), and some serious anti-hygenic ickiness the likes of which some may find disturbing, especially those who asked us to babysit, which might teach them a lesson but we hope not.

edit: video removed from Google video, probably cuz I used a copywritten song.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Catching Up

The end of the school year has kept us quite busy of late. One thing you missed was Eldest's birthday. He wanted nothing as much as a cell-phone. Mother and I went to Verizon to see if, maybe, we could add him to our plan. Maybe. Though we are somewhat philosophically opposed to middle-schoolers with cell-phones. Well, to add him to our plan would mean upgrading our plan too much, so that was a no-go. But, good news! We were eligible for new phones!

So, let's review: Eldest wants a cell phone more than anything else for his birthday. We leave the house to go birthday shopping for him. We come home with new cell phones. For ourselves.

Once again, the "Parents of the Year" award slips through our fingers.

But it is fun to have a camera phone, and on this entry are a bunch of pictures I snapped with the new phone, as well as one or two from our more conventional digital camera, and a video Bon Bon took of the kids dancing at Arts Fest with her phone. As I watch the battery on my laptop dwindle, I'm just slopping these pictures up here in no particular order, so let's call it a matching game. See if you can match the image to the caption. Fun!

1. Video of the kids jammin' with Scooter and Bon Bon's daughter to the reggae sounds of The Ark Band at Arts Fest.

2 & 3. Youngest with his teachers on his very last day as a Pre-K-er.

4. Daughter enjoying the pool party to celebrate the end of fourth grade.

5. Eldest studying for exams. This was actually a really nice time, as he and I sat at a coffee shop for hours. He studied Chinese while I graded exams.

- -


6. Youngest - Yippee! - leaving his daycare for the very last time.

7. Youngest looking cool with his newest past-time, Super Mario on GameBoy.

8. Daughter and Youngest enjoying mall-food and discussing the philosophical implications of string theory.

9. Youngest keepin' it real with a mall-fountain enema.

Summer, baby!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Youngest: Soccer Star

Much has happened to keep me from blogging of late, including the end of Youngest's Very First Soccer Season. Video below.

Youngest's coach bears a striking resemblance to television's popular Tina Fey, former SNL-er and writer and star of the hit show 30 Rock. Long-time readers of this blog, if there were any, might see some cause for concern in this, considering Father's opinion regarding the lovely Ms Fey. No need. I am fully in command of any silliness this resemblance might cause, as this video will fail to disprove.