Monday, November 17, 2008

Youngest's New Room

Dictated by Youngest:

At first my room was really babyish and it had baby paper around the walls. And then we decided to change it.
And the first thing we did was push all the furniture out and then take the wall paper off and then start to paint.

And then we put all the furniture back in and took down the curtain. And then we put all the knick-knacks in and then I think that’s it.

Now my room looks super-hero style. My new poster is all Marvel people.

I like to find super heroes in it.

The end.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Shots Of Eldest

Eldest has had a busy fall. As soon as soccer wrapped up (he was voted "Most Improved" by his teammates), he was asked to join the cast of the fall play, "See How They Run."

Here are some pix from that show and from the fall choir concert.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Teaching Our Children How To Beg (And One How To Campaign)

The one rule for Halloween this year: we would not be buying costumes. The kids could look around the house and come up with ideas, but we're weren't going to go to crazy- overpriced- no- return- policy- scary- bloody- temporary- Halloween- store to buy anything.

Daughter wore a poodle-skirt that Bumma made for Mother when Mother was in college. Eldest and I dressed as each other, mostly for school.

Youngest came up with his own idea.

"Joe Biden!"

"Really? Joe Biden?"

"I wanna be Joe Biden!"

We thought that was a fantastic idea. "We can even paint your hair white."


"Yeah. That'd be great."

"Then I want to wear a nametag."

"A name tag? Okay. Why?"

"People might think I'm John McCain."

Of course, we had to buy the white hair spray. What luck! I got the very last can in stock at crazy- overpriced- no- return- policy- scary- bloody- temporary- Halloween- store.

After a quick trick-or-treat at Oma's house:

We went to Bumma's neighborhood to trick-or-treat with cousins:

including this incredible cutey on his first Halloween:

Unfortunately, no pix of Prince Caspian or Dale Earnhart Jr., cousins who joined us after cameras were put away.

I did a little research. If you now have as much candy in your house as we have in ours, and similar amounts of self-discipline, the word you'll be looking for in a couple of days is transient lingual papillitis. Enjoy!