Friday, April 18, 2008

High Tech vs Low Tech

My brother and I had an email exchange this week. The point - how best to help our dad, Opa, deal with his increasing deafness - quickly devolved into the one-up-manship that has long defined our relationship.

My brother thinks we should get Oma and Opa a laptop, so Oma can type to Opa. This is a bad idea; they are no good with technology, and a white board would do the same thing. I wrote as much.

To which he wrote:

When are you going to stop fighting technology? It's here to stay --
even you Mac guys need to admit it.

To which I wrote:

Agree. You should write a speech about that, film yourself giving that speech, burn it to a DVD, and send it to mom and dad to watch.

My point being, Oma and Opa can't even work their DVD player. What would they do with a laptop?

To which he replied:

Sorry --

Could you please write that on a white board, take a picture, and mail
it to me?

To which I replied:

To which he replied:

To which I replied:

To which he replied:

You win!