Friday, February 20, 2009

Cassie's Last Day

This is a sad day.

Youngest woke up with a fever of 101.6 this morning, meaning we have to cancel his birthday sleepover tonight. As if things weren’t sad enough.

Around Christmas, our dog Cassie started losing a lot of weight. She is getting older, and she had a shoulder injury, so we weren’t too alarmed, though we kept an eye on her.

One morning last week we discovered that she seemed bloated. When home remedies we found on the web didn’t help, I took her to the vet.

After they drained the fluid the vet was able to feel her abdomen.

Cassie has a large tumor in her abdomen, almost certainly cancer. She hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in days. Her digestive system seems to have completely shut down.

There were many tears in the house last night, and many sad but important talks with the kids. Today I’m staying home with Youngest; the others are all at school. Tonight, with the sleepover canceled, we’ll have one more night at home with our dog. Tomorrow I’ll take her for one last walk, and then to the vet. I’ll come home alone.


Cammie said...

ohhhh. Poor Cassie dog. We will miss her. :(

Beanie said...

I'm in tears just reading this and I already knew about it! I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow!